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Are you a business owner, a director or sales professional? Are you feeling overwhelmed or possible you know your results could be better? Is your business working for you or are you working for your business? Is your sales conversion too low or are you struggling to achieve the sales price you should be getting? These are just some of challenges that I hear from many and this is the reason why I have created, and will continue to create, the following self-help articles.

Why 360 Surveys Matter in SMEs

Why 360 Surveys Matter in SMEsby Sean Foster | October 6, 2022 | NewsletterWhich applies to you? You have completed a 360-employee survey before. You have a broad knowledge of 360's but no real-world experience. You have little to no knowledge of what 360s are even...

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Building Resilience in 7 days

Business owners can learn the 7 skills to develop resilience. Knowing how to develop resilience is half the game of mastering this essential mindset and behaviour, but as a behaviour, this only come through practice and finetuning. This is why this should be developed over 7 or more days and not as a casual read of the literature.

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How to Ensure an Unforgettable Customer Experience Every Single Time

One of the most rewarding opportunities in maintaining a competitive advantage in any business can be achieved by developing a culture of excellence in customer experience. As a matter of fact, companies with a successful customer experience strategy attain less customer turnover, higher overall revenues per customer, and higher levels of employee satisfaction as well.

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90-day Theme

Life is made up of a series of ones. Like the old cliché saying: “one step at a time”, invariably this is correct. This message is so simple, yet especially when we are striving for faster improvement, it is difficult to remain disciplined about. It has now been...

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Understand your Customer using Avatar Analysis

How do you get to really understand your customer? There are two benefits in better understanding your customer or prospect: 1. Should they be your customer? In direct "language" you should ask yourself the following: "will this customer add to my bottom line, or will...

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The Business Owner Is The Head SalesPerson

The Sin I committed when I started my first business in 2004 was that I wore every hat in the business. There was no alternative option back then. After some time the business grew and each hat became heavier. How was I to excel at managing suppliers, staff training...

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Culture and Scaling Your Business

When creating a Business Strategy and a Business Plan you have to also do that “fluffy” stuff which includes our Purpose, Vision, Values and Convictions, as well as to identify our core niches (“Where We Play”) and our differentiating strategies (“We Will Win By”)....

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Sales: Are we Driving the Wrong End of the Equation?

Who is this article for? Sales managers & business owner first of all, thereafter others involved in sales. Background As a business coach, advisor and business owner I am fortunate to have experienced first-hand the interactions with prospects, sales people and...

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Productivity: Time Blocking

A few weeks ago I published an article regarding Task Management, one of the most life changing practices that you can implement. I look forward to getting feedback from those of you who have committed to developing this behaviour.  Well, I have another piece of...

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Sales: Building trust through Tension

Did you know that 75% of any sales outcome is directly related to the manner in which trust and rapport is established between the seller and the buyer, and this is done in the initial stages of the relationship? You are probably agreeing at this point. What is your...

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Sales: Focus Your Dialogue To Your Niche

The riches are in the niches! Have you heard that phrase before? I have heard this countless times and a quick Google search on that phrase reveals over half a million results. But with this, comes some danger. That is, as soon as something becomes a little more...

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Sales: Where Is Your Niche?

So you have been told to identify your niche, as that is where your sales will flourish? I know that many of the business owners and sales professionals that I meet have been told exactly this. What’s more, many claim that this is exactly what they have done.  Well...

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Consultative Sales Process (CSP)

Why is this even a topic of discussion? Based on my personal experience and feedback from the majority of sales people that I meet, a consultative sales process is often misunderstood and almost completely lacking. Especially in smaller businesses the sales process is...

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