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About Sean Foster

call for clarity

The Call for Clarity to Auckland Business CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals 

We all have a journey we’re on and mine took me to becoming a full-time business advisor and coach. When I graduated, I was put into the field and expected to perform. Blimey, if I could step back in time I would tell my corporate employers that they stuffed up. Where was the orientation, the understanding of the culture, what were the expectations, besides just a budget target? But I sat it out and fiddled my way through, slowly figuring out the labyrinth. Then, in 2004 I started my first business, and despite having an MBA from a well-recognized university and some “miles under my belt”, it really felt like I was starting again from scratch. 

My company has grown, and we are now market leaders in our sector. I accumulated some grey hairs and a truck-load of practical experience. But at some point, one takes stock of one’s life and this is what I did. I wanted to do more in the bigger picture of life, so I resigned, and in early 2017 I decided to devote my time to helping other business owners and professionals. I have now become the business advisor Auckland SMEs call upon to improve both their lives and businesses. Maybe someday you will also decide to do the same, to help other business owners. It is massively rewarding, I love it!

Today, I volunteer my time to advise a handful of business owners through the Business Mentors program, I run a paid group business coaching program called BIG, I do 1-on-1 business coaching with select clients and lastly, I provide specialist sales training to ambitious sales professionals.

As a business advisor I have a reputation for being a great listener, empathetic and a straight shooter.  After creating many of those "Aha" moments with my clients, led to the definition of my mantra: Clarity In Business.


Get Clarity in Business with The Right Advice and Support

My approach when working with clients is to create absolute clarity. Clarity about what is important to do, and what is important to actively avoid. If you would like to get to a better place than where you are now, then let’s have a meaningful discussion, one that gets to the core of where you now, where you would like to get to, and lastly what are some of the current hurdles. 

I don't do those “free” 15-minute business consultations, it is impossible to really understand what the next steps should be, or if we, as a team, can productively work together. So with nothing to lose, but everything to gain, let us fully explore your business and the opportunity for us to work together before we start discussing any dollar investment amounts.

As a successful business coach and advisor, Auckland entrepreneurs, executives, sales professionals and business owners know my advice comes from years of real-world experience.

Call 029 427 4980 to find out more.