No matter how much you’d like to avoid it, there’s no way of escaping it: accountability works- it really does. 

In reality, if you don’t measure and report your progress, you’re most probably not making much progress at all. As Pearson’s law states:  “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.”   

Studies have shown that committing your goals publicly to at least one person gives you at least 65% odds of accomplishing them. But, having your very own accountability partner can actually soar your success rate to 95%

Nevertheless, thinking of an accountability partner might make you cringe. It could be something you don’t necessarily feel excited about unless, of course, you’re are a highly motivated individual

A possible reason why having an accountability partner has a bit of a negative connotation is that it can make you feel as though you must DO something, whereas your accountability partner just barks orders to you. 

Well, here is the deal: you still get to make your own choices. Your accountability partner likely has less specialist knowledge than you do, but what you are doing is simply increasing your chances of success when you have an accountability partner on board. 

If it’s someone you respect, you tend to try to be as honest as possible. So, when you tell them you will show up prepared for the strategy meeting next week, you are more than likely to do so. 

Need ideas on how to develop accountability in your business?

A good accountability partner is essential — but a GREAT accountability partner is even more powerful 

Having an accountability partner is an incredible opportunity to create success in your business.  The mere fact that most business owners fail to get one is a powerful enough reason to take advantage of one. You could consider is to be your unfair advantage, that you should not miss out on. 

Even better, you can take it up a notch further and create a GREAT accountability partnership. Rather than only having someone who holds you accountable, why not get a GREAT accountability partner who is heavily motivated themselves? A person who takes huge psychological leaps forward, a person who keeps pushing their own boundaries, continually upping their A-game.  

And, if you are already on the same level, then you can join forces and push each other further than you could ever go on your own. 

A GREAT accountability partner is the type of person who doesn’t need someone to hold them accountable. Instead, they are those who can propel you further, even further than they could ever propel themselves.  

What makes an accountability partner GREAT? 

1.A GREAT partner is progress-oriented 

An important distinction between a good and a great accountability partner is their main focus. A good partner is process-oriented, their goal is to keep you accountable to the process. Asking questions such as: Did you go through your strategy plan this week?  

On the contrary, a GREAT partner is all about your progress. They don’t centre around perfection. Instead, they orbit around the tangible movement towards the goals you’ve made.

A GREAT accountability partner focuses on results over process. Because only through courageously pursuing meaningful actions that we develop a truly innovative process. Some of their additional questionings could be: what got in your way? What could we do differently to get a different result?

2.They have self-leadership 

A GREAT accountability partner is someone who’s actively and aggressively moving forward in their own life. This is why self-leadership is crucial; it implies accountability at so many levels.  

This is someone who does not avoid accountability, instead, they embrace it in its entirety in all aspects of their life.  Their whole world reflects accountability to higher ideals, values, and aims. 

Aside from this, they recognize the fact that with the influence of other people who are also pushing themselves in profound ways, they can push them and themselves faster and even further.  

3.They are Transformational Leaders 

In order for someone to be a revolutionary leader, they must embody the core theories of successful leaders. And, one of these core theories is known as transformational leadership. Which includes four specific behaviours of the most successful leaders, namely: 

  • An intellectual stimulator 
A person who challenges existing assumptions, who connects deeply with the people they’re leading and help them re-frame their limitations. 
  • An inspirational motivator  
Someone who develops and articulates a powerful vision and has high expectations that are challenging, motivating, and inspiring at the same time. 
  • Idealized influencer 
A person who is a role model, who themselves is moving forward in their own lives and achieving bigger visions. You can’t lead others unless you’re powerfully leading yourself too.  
  • Individually considerate 
These leaders first seek to understand and then be understood. In other words, they develop true trust and connection by listening first, then coming to terms that the person they’re working with is a unique individual. 

4.A revolutionary leader for others 

You, as the owner of the business, can be a revolutionary leader for others. And by being one, you can become a powerful GREAT accountability partner to your peers.  

When two motivated people come together and act as GREAT accountability partners to each other, explosive things happen.  It will be more than just helping each other being motivated and accountable, they will push each other to go beyond anything they can do on their own. They help each other take immediate action on what is most important.  

No more procrastination. By supporting each other’s new ideas, and to then immediately act on these insights, you are able to effectively challenge each other to take the needed action.  

This is why every business owner needs a GREAT accountability partner.  

Do You Have a GREAT Accountability partner? 

GREAT Accountability partner is all about extreme action, helping each other to take on extreme courage, and coaching each other through the process. 

In fact, you shouldn’t have just one. Ideally, you should gather a network of like-minded folks who are constantly pushing you to up your A-game. 

GREAT partners are all about excitement and fear — and those are two sides of the same coin.  

If you really want to play an epic game, you need to start making bold steps. On top of that, you also need to be a giver and help other people make bold moves in their lives. Putting this mindset towards your network is a measure of your net-worth. When you begin surrounding yourself with GREAT people, who remind you of your future. And, you not only engage in the relationship, but you also inspire those around you to QUICKLY get to the next level — then your life will begin accelerating very quickly. 

You can create a ten-fold improvement in your outcomes. Your goals that would normally take a few years to accomplish could be within reach in a few months with the right network of accountability partners. 

It’s time to get your GREAT accountability partner 

Taking on change, creating disruption and creating bigger goals is inherently stressful. So, having someone to help you through the process and buffer that stress is key. 

Having a person who excites you about moving forward because you inspire each other is an incredible advantage. 

More so, it’s also incredibly available. There are many dedicated and motivated professionals willing to take on new partners. Of course, you must start by being an inspiring person yourself. Lead yourself to a better life. Then excitedly help others improve theirs. 

When you find your GREAT partner or partners, you can use your relationship to propel each other forward. Every week share your wins and courageous leaps. Then, really dig into helping each other to move beyond fears and to commit to bigger leaps. 

What’s fascinating here is you’ll often get more clarity and inspiration for your life while helping your partner gain their clarity. The synergistic partnership is key, giving and receiving. 

Every week, you should be trying to accomplish something you’ve never done before. You should be failing but learning, and expanding in new and powerful ways. 

Do you need aGREAT accountability partner ?