Life is made up of a series of ones. Like the old cliché saying: “one step at a time”, invariably this is correct. This message is so simple, yet especially when we are striving for faster improvement, it is difficult to remain disciplined about. It has now been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that multi-tasking leads to a loss in productivity. Multi-tasking is the opposite of taking one step at a time.

When working on your business strategy, invariably there are always just a few things that if you get right will result in significant overall business improvement. So when it comes to 90-day planning, you really want to hone in a clearly identify what the number 1 thing is that you have to get right. And if you do get this right it will make a massive, positive impact on your business.

That all makes sense, but how do you pull this off?

How do you get your whole team to have a laser focus on absolutely nailing this one thing that you have to pull off? The answer to this is to develop a 90-day theme. Get creative with your theme so that it changes from a “to-do” thing to become an aspiring, yet an achievable goal that your entire team is emotionally committed to. What are the milestone celebrations that you could implement on route to the goal? When you reach the goal, what could the celebration be? What is reaching this goal worth to your company?

One person cannot effectively change the direction of a business, the team collective needs to do this. By implementing a quarterly theme into your 90-day planning you not only significantly increase your chance of achieving your 90-day objective, but so too is it more likely to stick. And you will have fun doing it.

If you would like input or assistance with your 90-day plans and identifying the right theme then reach out to me.

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