Harnessing FFWA to Propel Customer Satisfaction

by Sean Foster | February 29, 2024 | Strategy, Marketing

Owner of coffee shop handling a coffee order in a satisfied customer

In business, your success hinges on meeting your customers' needs. The more your customers want what you offer, the more they'll invest in buying from you, potentially allowing you to charge higher prices.

Understanding your customers is key to crafting a winning business strategy. And that’s the reason why the FFWA is such an effective exercise to perform in that it draws out both positive (Wants & Aspirations) and negative aspects (Fears & Frustrations) of your customer's thinking as well as tapping into both real (Wants & Frustrations) and imagined experiences (Aspirations & Fears). By combining all these sensors you will be in a far better position to fully appreciate your customer’s true values.

Diagram of FFWA

This exercise can apply to your entire business, specific customer groups*, or product categories**. It's essential to involve as many team members as possible, including input from all types of customers, even the challenging ones.

In Sukuma, you can create as many FFWAs as needed. Beyond shaping your business strategy, this insight can enhance your marketing efforts, annual and quarterly planning, hiring process, and employee development reviews.


* Customer groupings refer to how you would define your different customer types. For example: Retail vz Trade customer, or Teenager vz 20-30 year olds. For each group, create a separate FFWA.
** Product groupings refer to how you would define your different offerings. For example: You are a plumber specializing in installing compostable toilets, so here you may have just one group. Or you are a plumber who has three distinct groups, these being compostable toilets, Gas hot water systems and lastly Solar panel installations.

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