360 Reviews: Ignite Growth or Risk Culture Collapse

The three elements you need to focus on for your 360s to NOT Sabotage your Culture.



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360 reviews are a powerful management tool for developing effective leaders and for improving company culture. Well, that is, if you correctly implement 360’s. If not, you risk creating more damage than good.

Are you new to 360 reviews? In essence, they are created by sending a survey to the person being assessed and sending the same survey to other colleagues, superiors, and subordinates in relation to the assessed person. This results in a holistic view of an individual's performance.

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Why Use 360-degree Reviews?

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360-degree reviews offer a well-rounded perspective on an individual's strengths and areas for improvement. Every human is unique, and as such everyone has a different set of strengths and weaknesses and very often these are not seen or valued by the person themself. We often refer to this as a person’s blindspots (which could be either positive or negative.)

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As you can imagine, 360’s are a great tool for uncovering both blind spots and hidden potential. They offer valuable feedback and promote personal and professional growth, nurture leadership qualities, and fosters an environment of continuous improvement.

However, successfully executing 360 reviews requires careful consideration of three crucial elements in order to avoid sabotaging their potential benefits and damaging the company culture.

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[1] A Lack of Trust

Honest feedback is the cornerstone of effective 360 reviews. If employees fear negative repercussions for candidly expressing themselves, the insights gained will be superficial at best. By cultivating an atmosphere of trust you will encourage open communication which is essential for 360’s to be effective.

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[2] Educate & Inform

Thoroughly educating all involved parties about the purpose, process, and mechanics of 360 reviews is imperative. Everyone involved should understand their role, the significance of their input, and how to constructively answer assessment questions. This understanding should be established before surveys are distributed.

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[3] Take Meaningful Action

Embedding 360 reviews into your company culture and personal development initiatives is essential. Failing to act on the insights gained or not providing meaningful feedback during or after debriefing can lead to disillusionment among participants and subsequent reviews will prove to be less beneficial.

Unlocking the Benefits

Implementing 360-degree reviews adds substantial value to any organization. By using these reviews, you can:

      • Develop well-rounded leaders who leverage their strengths and address their weaknesses.
      • Cultivate a culture of transparency, trust, and continuous learning.
      • Enhance employee engagement and satisfaction through personalized growth strategies.


Introducing Sukuma

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At Sukuma, we understand the importance of tailored approaches. Our platform provides pre-built surveys as well as allowing you to 100% customize your surveys to fit your organization's exact requirements. This ensures that you receive the insights you need to propel your company and its leaders forward as you intend. By embracing these three elements you can unlock the potential of 360-degree reviews to foster growth and success in your business.

If you require further information regarding Sukuma or introducing 360 reviews in your business then please email: admin@sukuma.biz

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