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Sean Foster

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Business Coaching and Advisory for Growth Minded Business Owners

Ready to scale your business or frustrated about that glass ceiling that is keeping you shackled to the day-to-day?

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Business Advisor And Coach

My mission is to assist you with your decision making, for you to gain greater clarity over your options and to work with you in building a better business and profession.

As entrepreneurs we are all hard-wired with a DIY mentality - that's why we are good at what we do, so with that in mind I have created some helpful cheat sheets. Check them out below:

But the free help on this site cannot outcompete Google, the web is awash with help, but sometimes you just need to talk to a human! Book a 10-minute call with me now.

Free Cheat Sheets for Growth Minded Entrepreneurs

Values and Convictions for your Strategy
Business Consultant Auckland
Coaching For Business

"Hi, I am Sean Foster and I help business owners and professionals to grow their businesses, to improve their bottom line profitability and to allow them to regain that often missing component, being their work-life balance.

Through experience I have often found that as a business owner you are often not 100% sure of exactly what part of your business you should be working on, or if someone like myself can add genuine value to your operation.

The easiest, safest and quickest way to figure this out is really to book a complimentary strat session with me.

My promise: If I am not the right person to help you, then I will say so directly and do my best to connect you with that person. If it looks like I could be the right person, then we can consider the options going forward. So, go ahead and book your session now. 

Insights and Feedback

Being a Slave to your business Sucks!

As a business owner you have to dig deep into their mental resources, especially when things are more challenging. Spend too much of your day in this area and your energy gets drained, you loose passion for your business, you make "lazy" business decisions, profitability sucks and partial or full depression can ensue.

Mindset, Resilience and Improving your productivity are some of the counter measures.

Add this relatively short eBook to your self development by downloading it now.


"I switched coaches 2 and a half years ago and at that time, the business was growing but we were on a difficult growth stage and things aren't quite right mostly on our financials. What I like about Sean is that he offers a unique package where we get to have a structured environment. It helped me focus on financials and 90-day planning. It's something that I wouldn't do on my own. Being part of the BIG Group, it's not like you are accountable to other business in the room but you share what you are doing, what your challenges are and through that you learn from others as well. It's a healthy way of paying attention to the right numbers and 90-day planning. I'm seeing a significant improvement in profitability over the last two years, from having attention paid to the right areas consistently. This gives me lower stress levels and confidence in my business."

Steve Reynolds
Master & Commander - Aqua Filter Rodney

"When I came along to the BIG Group and having some coaching from Sean, what it did is it helped us focus on what is important, helped us understand what we are offering in our value proposition. Working alongside Sean actually helps us get some clarity, focus, we started putting some work together that would actually fast track us and it has helped us move quite a bit faster than we were. If you want to grow your business and you feel like you want an outside perspective and coaching, Sean is really a great coach and BIG Group is really a great support mechanism and helps you achieve your goals."

Nick Hindson
Founder, Trainer & Facilitator - Market Share

"Working with the BIG group has really been awesome because it gives me the ability to talk right to the business owners. As an SME owner, having access to a safe environment made up of like-minded people, who are not trying to flog their stuff to you is both rare and valuable. I find the BIG Group really supportive. You get insightful answers, this applies to all areas of personal & business development. The more you give, the more you get."

Stephanie Lowe
Owner - Insinc Products Ltd

"Being a solopreneur, I needed to connect with people because I miss connecting with other people and grasping ideas around which we kind of did at our franchisee meetings. And so I find that BIG actually fills that gap. Most franchises and corporates have a support system in place. It's the same type of thing, you get insights from other people's business and how different things work as well. One of the biggest takeaways that I actually had was when we came into COVID and I was thinking what's the economy gonna do, do I need to diversify and stuff? But with Sean's expert coaching and advisory, it helps you choose the right options, provides focus and is result-driven."

Daniel Hemus
Managing Director - Goldline Construction

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or an executive who is seeking improvement in your

business then I may be who you are looking for.  I am both an entrepeneur and business 

owner myself, have years of real-world experience and service clients throughout New Zealand.

Call 029 427 4980 to find out more.