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At least twice a month I send out a news brief, aka some useful tips, insights, learnings or related content that will help you move the dial forward in your business or personal development. 

I am super conscious that the world is awash with information and that in itself contributes to the exact problem that this information is trying to solve - to improve our lives. My news briefs are primarily targeted towards business owners and I have made the commitment that each addition will add value to you. 

Gamifying Gratitude

2nd of December, 2021

Have you come across or experienced the ‘Great Resignation’ concept that many companies are facing?

Employees are looking for more meaning in their work; they have higher expectations in relation to what they must ‘give up’ in order to secure employment; for many they have boundless opportunities to improve their quality of life and potential earnings through alternate employment options. Add to this, our current unemployment rate is critically low (yes, that is not entirely good for the economy!), so based on the traditional Supply-Demand curve, the headwinds are against us as employers.

Lasting business improvement is made by making continual and consistent 1% improvements – this is one of those 1%’ers you should consider.

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Getting to the Brass Tacks of the #’s

19th of November, 2021

It is a legal requirement for you to be reporting your numbers back to the Government of the day, this being your GST and company tax numbers. Most businesses have a bookkeeper or accountant managing this process to ensure it is done correctly. It is non-negotiable, you must do it and you must do it correctly.

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Developing a Positive Accountability Culture in Your Business

4th of November, 2021

At face value it is very difficult to measure how accountable people are in your business. After all, we all have different perceptions of what accountability is. So rather than delving into that murky water, I will rather assume that you would like to (and should be) continually working to improve the culture of accountability in your business.

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False Positives

21st of OCtober, 2021

The technical definition of a False Positive is when a test result indicates the presence of a condition. The doctor says you have X, when in fact a later test confirms you don’t (wow, nearly back into virus talk here.) In business life we meet False Positives often.

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Timing and Productivity

7th of October, 2021

You’re Dumber in the Afternoon

Studies have further demonstrated that our individual traits like personality and even IQ are not stable but fluctuate enormously over time. This time being within a day, the week, over seasons etc.

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Being the YOU

16th of September, 2021

While in lockdown, our BIG community have been meeting at least weekly. Having a sense of community, one where we can safely share and learn from one another is invaluable.

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The Opportunity of Downturns – Preparing the mind

1st of September, 2021

It’s not just headlines, it’s true. More billionaires are made during the hard times than in the good times. While I checked the accuracy of this, I was equally startled to read that in China alone, in the last year they have produced a new billionaire every 34 hours!

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It’s Meercat time, in fact, a little past it already.

19th of August, 2021

A plan is merely an intent, and this is what 90-day planning is all about. The intent needs to be strong, in fact bulletproof, but the exact steps on how we deliver on the intent need to have wriggle room as the environment we operate in is dynamic.

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SEO For Small Business

22nd of July, 2021

As leaders and business owners do you sometimes wonder about how much of an expert you really need to be? Personally, I have subscribed to this quote: “Even if you don’t do the work, you should know the work.”

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Expose Yourself for the Greater Good

8th of July, 2021

If you are implementing 90-day planning, then you would have just completed Quarter 1. What worked well, what did not work out? First to yourself and second to your team, I encourage you to expand on reflecting Q1’s performance. However, most importantly, explain the behaviour that did or did not happen resulting in these results.

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Purpose Is the Most Misunderstood Concept in Business

24th of June, 2021

Of the many such statement I have come across, the over whelming majority focus on explaining what the company does at a ‘practical level.’ These statements result in little to no benefit to the company at all. They go something along the lines of: “ABC purpose is to serve our country with great toilet rolls.”.

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The 2 Words You Need to Train Your Staff Never to Say

24th of June, 2021

If you employ staff, why do you? I am not referring to legal semantics here, like are they employed or are the subcontractors etc. What I am asking here is: are you employing staff just to lay your hands on, well, more hands? Or in the ideal world, should these people be contributing to the overall improvement of the business?

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Don’t Buy Into the Notion That Some Are Born With Creativity

27th May, 2021

Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t really know what to do: you have essentially been thrown into the deep end and you need to take action immediately or drown? At first you just grapple at anything and hopefully survive, but after some time you realise that you have in fact made progress. After a long while you either become okay at it, or if you are committed, an Ace. Well thinking is the same, and with the help of Pink Sheets you could soon become an Ace.

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Personal and Company Branding

29th of April, 2021

We all have opinions about what is right and what is wrong: the challenge each of us faces is facing up to the fact that our paradigms are limiting ourselves and sometimes what we believe is wrong, is in fact not so.

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What to do when team members continue to stuff up

8th of April, 2021

In the business, problems and errors are inevitable. A reoccurring, costly and massively irritating problem that you think should not really be that hard to fix, except you seem to be failing in finding a permanent fix. Here, you will learn a solution that will benefit you in your business.

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How to Budgcast

18th of March, 2021

Creating your budget in the first place may be the biggest hurdle to overcome. If so, and you have not created one before then just make a start.

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Human Endurance and Leadership

4th of March, 2021

Endurance and leadership do not mean that you have to burn yourself out. You set priorities, make a plan on how you are going to achieve them and communicate at the workplace then stick to it. But modern life is not only about your grit and stamina. To gain long-term performance be a leader!

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The Disturbing Fact About Open Book Policies

19th 0f November 2020

Understanding what is Open Book Policies. It is when you open the books in a controlled manner, to all your staff, so that they have a better understanding of exactly how the business is performing financially.

It is not about giving them access to your bank account, or sensitive information such as everyone’s salary.

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Business Systemization

1st of October, 2020

News brief that tackles about ways on creating some form of structure within your business that allows the business to operate smoothly without being dependent on the business owner.

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Strip Your Business

1st of Sept, 2020

News brief about stripping some of the basic fundamentals of your business to become more efficient and have stable and simple foundations to build on.

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10th of Aug, 2020

News brief describing how Loom application can be a powerful tool in your business most especially in these times of pandemic.

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