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At least twice a month I send out a newsbrief, aka: some useful tips, insights, learnings or related content that will help you move the dial forward in your business or personal developnment. 

I am super conscience that the world is awash with information, and that in itself contributes to the exact problem that this information is trying to solve - to improve our lives. My newsbriefs are primarily targeted towards business owners and I have made the commitment that each addition will add value to you. 

1st of October, 2020

Business Systemization

News brief that tackles about ways on creating some form of structure within your business that allows the business to operate smoothly without being dependent on the business owner.

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16th of Sept, 2020

Speed Dictation Productivity Hack

News brief that tackles about using free dictation features on your Google Docs, Word or Apple products and be more productive.

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1st of Sept, 2020

Strip your business

News brief about stripping some of the basic fundamentals of your business to become more efficient and have stable and simple foundations to build on.

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10th of Aug, 2020


News brief describing how Loom application can be a powerful tool in your business most especially in these times of pandemic.

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16th of July, 2020

How to create your own 4-hour day (instead of 8)

News brief about using POMODORO Technique to overcome time management and become time-efficient in your day to day work.

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Business Advice

Looking for business ideas, tips, advice, strategy pointers? We have put together some resources to help you and your business on your journey to success.

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