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by Sean Foster | June 5, 2023 | Newsletter

Last month the world lost another star in the form of David Peterson, an extraordinary and exceptionally well known coach. A person who has positively impacted so many people. The insights I gathered from him could be insights for you as well, especially around simplicity.

I found David’s brilliance resided in his ability to embody four fundamental principles:

Firstly, he was always present and fully engaged in the moment.

Secondly, he possessed the gift of really listening and developing complete empathy for others. While watching him coach there never seemed any doubt as to how quickly he synced with the other person.

Thirdly, he exemplified extraordinary patience, understanding the importance of allowing whatever the ‘process’ may be, to unfold naturally.

Lastly, he embraced the concept of trusting both the process, himself and the other person. Again, while witnessing his coaching there never seemed to be any doubt in the trust or confidence that you were in safe hands.

So I am sharing my insights because I firmly believe there is a coach in us all. If someone in your life is impacted by you, then you are a defacto coach. It’s your choice if you would like to exercise greater impact around your coaching ability.

Business owner having group meetings in development reviews of employees

If in doubt, and from a business perspective, do you have 1-1 or group meetings? Do you run Development Reviews with your staff? Are you solicited for your advice or opinions? In all of these situations, you can be more impactful if you hone your coaching skills.

I find it continually intriguing how genius often lies in implementing brilliantly simple ideas or actions in often complex situations. David seemed to have bucketloads of this ability. And reflecting upon this insight, I encourage you to identify one aspect of your life or business that can benefit from radical simplification.

What have you learned that, despite initially leading you down a path of depth and complexity, ultimately boiled down to one profoundly simplified concept? It is this final concept that you should retain and practice consistently.

In conclusion, let us honour the memory of this remarkable coach by implementing his invaluable teachings. Simplicity can unlock the extraordinary potential within ourselves and our businesses. Embrace the genius of simplicity.

Sean Foster

Sean Foster

Business Coach & Advisor

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