Happy Holidays and Year-End Reflections

by Sean Foster | December 8, 2023 | Newsletter

A business owner with a wine bottle in his hands celebrating the holidays in their office with Christmas tree decorations

Kia ora, as the festive season envelops us, I want to extend my warmest wishes for a joyful Christmas and a happy New Year! This time of year is more than just festivities; it's an invaluable opportunity for 'battery recharging.' Take a moment to reconnect with what truly matters—family, friends and most importantly you!

For those who partook in any of our BIG events this last year, it was again a bumper year with a lot covered, all related to business improvement, including personal development. One of the takeaways for me was from our guest speaker Kim Tay who spoke on stress management. And one of the super simple hacks is the tried and tested appreciation or gratitude diary.

Business owner increasing his focus while working in the office in front of a laptop while doing 90 day planning

Just as your smile makes others a little happier, so does showing honest appreciation make life seem that little bit brighter.


I must be honest that I still have to remind myself to appreciate more, but when I introduced this habit at home, typically around dinner time, I can honestly say it changed the mood and conversation with anyone I am with. My gift to you, and thanks Kim for this, is to bring back a bucket load of appreciation into your festive season.

Right now I am planning out the start of the BIG year. Last year we experimented with a late January yearly planning session, and based on the overwhelming feedback, we will be repeating this again, except it will be bigger, more in-depth and more focused on walking out with a tangible 2024 commitment. I will send out additional details on this once I have them all firmed up.

Curious about the most effective way to get things done in your business life? And here I am not referring to the day-to-day demands, but rather the bigger, Less Urgent but Important stuff! Well, there is no perfect way. But the nearest thing you can do to get this right is to have a 90-day planning mindset.

Remember, it's not about lengthy business plans; it's about strategic, focused quarterly planning.

Wishing you all a restful holiday season and an inspiring New Year!

Sean Foster

Sean Foster

Business Coach & Advisor

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