The ScoreCard

by Sean Foster | February 17, 2022 | Newsletter

The rationale behind the ScoreCard

This is all logical stuff, the only problem is that most people don’t do it.

The 1-page ScoreCard simply explains at both a high level, as well as drilling down to some specifics, exactly what needs to be achieved in a role over a specified period of time. In addition, it helps guide you to ensure that the values of the individual align with both the job and the company, this is critical if you are culture building.

And just like a new customer, the first 90-days of someone’s employment are super critical. The ScoreCard ensures that at least in your first 90-days you have some easy-to-understand performance metrics available.

Everyone, including your role, should have an up to date and relevant ScoreCard. Access a sample here, and should you have any questions or comments on this, you can email, or smoke signal me directly.

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