Purpose Is the Most Misunderstood Concept in Business

by Sean Foster | June 24, 2021 | Newsletter

An effective Purpose statement is one that strikes an emotional chord. If effective, it evokes a reaction, a feeling, a response. For many companies, their purpose will often stem from a personal belief or ‘cause’ stemming directly from the founder. Their energy and personality will be expressed in the Purpose Statement. 

And I hear the cynics muttering: ‘how can a bunch of words achieve this?’ Well, to be honest, only occasionally is this achieved. But most times it is experienced through the actions of the founder and the company overall. The collective behaviour of everyone in the company is, after all, the company.  

The message here is subtle but critical. Don’t get too hung up on second-guessing your Purpose statement. It needs to be right, and it needs to say exactly what it is, but what is even more important is how it is demonstrated. 

Nail your purpose statement, demonstrate it through the daily actions of everyone in the business and your payoff will include: 

  • A closer alignment between you and your ideal customer type 
  • More engaged, committed staff 
  • Better recruitment success as you will be able to ensure that candidates are naturally aligned and energized by the Purpose of the business. 

How To Create Yours: 

In my strategy programme, I specifically address how to go about creating yours, but after doing many I have found that the ultimate statement develops through iterations. In fact, I feel a little uncomfortable instructing people how to develop theirs, unless we can collectively work through these iterations.  

If you would like some input and assistance with identifying your Purpose statement, a must-have for all business then please book a complimentary session with me here, alternatively, if you would like a complimentary ‘how-to’ guide, then click here.