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by Sean Foster | September 22, 2022 | Newsletter

Just wondering if my experience reflects yours. 

There are so many digital products out there that are supposed to make our lives run smoother and save us time. The trouble is most of them do.

 Well, at least if you devote your time to really invest in them, and then hope that their hype offers what you really need. The challenge I have is like that kid in a candy shop. As soon as you find one solution so too do you find another five. 

You don’t want to waste time investing in the wrong one, so you quickly look into a few of them. A day later you realize how much time you have wasted and you are still not sure if you have the right solution: aargh, frustrating!

Well, we have one very smart BIG member who introduced us all to Jasper

Thanks, Andrew: Jasper really is incredible. If you, or someone in your business, needs to create any content, social media posts, ads, or blog posts then you need to do them a favour and introduce them to jasper.

 I even made a demo for you to see first-hand: let me know what you think of this: Demo.


Sean Foster

Sean Foster

Business Advisor - Coach

In case you are wondering, I don’t get any royalties for recommending this product. I just believe that it could benefit you.

PPS. My real Genius spot is helping your business further scale in a sustainable manner. If you would like to explore that further then the door is wide open - Schedule an appointment here.

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