What To Do when Team Members Continue to Stuff Up ☹

by Sean Foster | December 03, 2020 | Newsletter

It’s Monday morning, you had a great weekend, you got to work earlier and within an hour you are up to your armpits in managing problems. Problems that you have already fixed multiple times before, but certain individuals seem to not learn from their mistakes – Aargh – frustrating!                                                                              
You’ve been there, maybe you still are; I certainly have been. For me, it was constant order dispatch errors. Product short packed, wrong size, wrong address, forgotten, the list goes on. We threw everything at trying to fix this one: educate, discipline, fire, reassign, checklists (many variants), suggestion boxes, new KPI’s, rewrite the job description. You name it we tried it. We struggled for years on this one.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        What's in your business is a reoccurring, costly and massively irritating problem that you think should not really be that hard to fix, except you seem to be failing in finding a permanent fix?
I have just completed an article that, should you find this subject of interest to you, will help you in developing a permanent fix. You can read it here.                
As a coach, I am blessed with the opportunity of looking at the forest, many forests in fact, and not just at the trees. That proverbial working ON, instead of IN the business is what I do, and as a result, I have developed insights on how to tackle some of the biggest failings in business today. Errors, in whatever guise, is one of these insights.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I will let the rabbit out of the bag (well just a little) on this fix, and it comes down to culture and team development. And the great thing about this fix is that there is a heap of anecdotal, scientific and my own experience to back up the thinking, that developing the individuals (and your) potential, together with a performance-based team culture is the solution.                                                                                                                              
Just in case that is a revelation to you, now you know. Now you can get on with creating your great business.
If only it was that easy. There is no silver bullet here to fix the problem, rather there is a batch of silver shrapnel, and you need to utilise all the shrapnel. Read the article, I wrote it to benefit you in your business.
If you are a BIG member and you are reading this, then this next one is definitely for you, although I encourage you all to read or listen to the book: No Rules Rule, a truly fascinating account on Netflix and the culture of reinvention. Yeah, I know you are not a big corporate, but the overall message does 100% apply to you. For BIG members, we will be dissecting the insights in this book in May.

A thought: our political system may legislate (aka. Force) on business minimum wages, numerous additional employee benefits, more ‘safeguards’ to protect employee rights (mostly at the expense of employer rights), but all of this really contributes to squat! A differentiated, value-adding business must have an awesome culture. This change comes 
from within the business. Get this right and the employees benefit 10-fold. Your competitive advantage is your people, you just need to create the environment to foster (excuse the pun) this development. Want to know how?


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