The Opportunity of Downturns – Preparing the mind  

by Sean Foster | September 01, 2021 | Newsletter

You know already. We are living through chaotic, uncertain times now, and the decisions that you make now will have long term effects on your future, and not necessarily money related either.  

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As we go through a tough patch where our future may appear a little uncertain, or worse, it could be looking like a disaster, it is worth considering the 5 stages of grief. If you are going through a tough time now, what stage do you think you are at now? 

It is normal and healthy - essential even - to pass through these stages, even for where your business may be sitting right now. And if you have a role model who you think is incredibly resilient, even they go through these stages. The difference being that resilient people tend to get to stage 5 a lot quicker than most.  

Just to make this easier to recall, let’s consider the ABC method of building resilience. 

[A] AWARENESS – little benefit in adopting the Ostrich mentality and shying away from reality. Subdue the negative Monkey voice for a while and try to take a logical, unemotional view of the situation. If you practice mindfulness, this is the time to dial it up. 

[B] BEHAVIOUR – it is behaviour that leads to actions and results. What behaviours are you practising now? Take a little time out, step ‘out’ of your mini-world and observe what you are paying attention and responding to. Is what you are doing adding value? What can you check yourself on and commit to doing less of that and more of the positive behaviours? 

[C] CULTURE – impossible to maintain positive behaviours unless you have an environment that supports you. In business, we refer to this as your culture. How is everyone, including you,  contributing to a supportive culture? One that safely challenges us on the wrongs, while encouraging us on the rights? 


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