Success Begets Success

by Sean Foster | December 16, 2021 | Newsletter

It is human nature to repeat patterns: in fact who we are is nothing more than our identity based on the behaviours that we tend to repeat, and our behaviours are different to the person beside us.

If you consider the patterns (behaviours) that you repeat in your life as a business owner how well do they enable you? Be brutally honest with yourself. If you are not sure what they are then just ‘look in the mirror.’

What are some of the ‘limiting’ repeats in your business? We struggle for cash, we are a little chaotic, we have too much on the go, we struggle to attract or retain top quality staff, our financial performance is in stalemate – what is it for you?

What is the behaviour that you continue to repeat that significantly contributes to this state?

I don’t have a magic wand to change this: the change needs to come from within you, but I have experienced one event that does help.

For some businesses that struggle for years on a particular aspect, let’s say cash flow or profitability, they may even give up hope that this will ever change. But then, out of perseverance or luck, they go through a period when the stars align, and the results are amazing.

Every time this happens, I am startled at the change in the energy, optimism, insights, and commitment from the business owner. Suddenly they believe in the impossible. It is rewarding to experience.

And this is my Christmas wish for you: nearly every business experiences these flush periods, and so too does your optimism and enjoyment. As you take some time off, reflect on those winning periods and dial into the behaviours that led you to these results. Equally, acknowledge the behaviours that led you back to the status quo.

In neuroscience, we refer to this as linking – the linking of positive outcomes to specific actions. This needs to be a deliberate and conscience exercise. This is why success begets success. It all starts with you ‘wiring your brain’ for success based on the behaviours that you will commit to and now is the perfect time to do this.

Funding Update

It seemed to take forever but the wait is over, in fact, it has been over for at least two weeks. Activate Tamaki Makaurau is accepting funding applications. You can start the process here.

As a registered service provider, I am able to offer you specific Advisory or fully Implemented services, and the best part is that this could be 100% funded by the Government. This is an opportunity worth seriously considering.

If you are unsure of the details, feel free to contact me and I will take you through some of the options.

Wishing you a happy, safe, relaxing Christmas and a bountiful 2022.

Regards, Sean

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