What Olympians Teach Us About Business

by Sean Foster | August 05, 2021 | Newsletter

The insights from Cath are pretty much identical to how we go about building our S.O.A.P’s (Strategy-On-A-Page), the only difference being that this is just a short insight so is really just highlighting the high-level perspective. This is great as it will make it even easier to grasp. 

So, after I read through Cath’s article, I took some copywriting liberty and pictorialized my understanding of what was covered, married to the key points in our S.O.A.P.  

You can download this Pictorial here.

A high performing business diagram

Summary and Insights. 

Great businesses are created through having highly CommittedAble and Knowledgeable people. If you are a one-person band or you employ 200 staff, the message is the same – out compete your competitors through the people in your business.  

Need I say that there is another commonality between top performing sports teams and top performing businesses? They all have top performing Coaches. 


If you would like some assistance with building your future, podium placed, team, then reach out – as long as our fit is good, we can help you with that process.