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by Sean Foster | March 03, 2022 | Newsletter

You could have an amazing sports car in your garage, but unless you fuel it & switch it on, it ain’t much use!

The statistics on highly engaged employees, in terms of their effect on bottom line performance, retention, overall satisfaction (including yours), is overwhelming. Upping your employee engagement is one of those ‘no-brainer’ behaviours that you are needing to excel at. And the good news is that it is not that difficult to practice and is likely to offer your business a significant competitive advantage, as your competitors are most likely failing in this area.

For sure it is useful to have some metric in your business that specifically measures engagement, after all, you really only know how well you are doing if you have some way of measuring actual levels. But before you get bogged down in trying to figure out how you can do this, why not just start implementing good practices that lead to higher levels of engagement?

Again, backed up by sound research, and you will likely echo this sentiment. The number one thing that employees really want is to feel heard, valued, acknowledged and appreciated. Get that right and all the pieces of the puzzle start falling into place like magic.

As a business owner you have two choices on how you operate within your business. Either IN, as in, operating on the front lines as your workers are, or ON the business, as in, ensuring that all your front-line workers are best equipped to be able to be star performers. Building employee engagement is one of the fundamental ON activities.

As a business coach, my primary role is to coach. Sounds like a ‘dah’ statement, but unless you have experienced effective coaching, the significance of this statement may not land. And your role as a business owner is to be a coach to your staff. Adopt that label, that mindset.


Within Sukuma all the structure has been built in so that you can coach. You just need the practice and repetition. The model shown below outlines how you should be engaging your staff in quarterly, rich coaching conversations that are driven off insightful surveys.


In our last BIG ClassRoom, we spent 90-minutes working through this framework and how you can immediately implement this in your business. Because I have no intention of turning this into a 90-min NewsBrief, if this is a subject that interests you, and you would like to explore how you can best implement these routines in your business then reply to me and I will send the edited version of that recording.

What’s next, well as the saying goes: ‘That’s up to you”.

Kind Regards Sean Foster

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