Looming Recession, time to dial into prospecting?

by Sean Foster | June 02, 2022 | Newsletter

Seemingly for the last decade, business has been Booming. The feedback I have had from many SMEs is that keeping up with demand has been the challenge. Proactive lead generation has been sitting far down the list.

But now, with a looming recession, it’s wise to prepare oneself for a tighter market, more proactive lead generation and after-sales customer engagement.

With advances in digital technology, it can be tempting to look for yet another automation tool to facilitate this engagement. But there is nothing to replace expert human interaction.

We are mid-way through a two-session ClassRoom at BIG: Cold calling and lead generation by using the good old telephone.

For most of us, myself included, calling is the last resort. Even though I detest proactively cold calling, I have to confess that my best business has always stemmed from this route. This includes cold calls and referral introductions.

Calling is usually the best way to put yourself in direct communication with your prospect. I have often been amazed at how often my call seems to be made at the exact time that the prospect has been ‘discussing’ the need for my exact service. I guess fortune favours the brave :).

At next week's BIG meeting, we have an awesome guest speaker whose profession is appointment setting, from cold and warm leads. Sue will be building on not only her experience but also the framework that we teach at BIG to facilitate these calls.

If you would like the CHEAT SHEET of the nine-step 3P Consultative Sales Process (CSP) click here.

The three P’s stand for Preparation, Pain, and Presentation.

For those unfamiliar with a sales process or script, their immediate reaction is that they do not want to sound canned, salesy or unauthentic.

This is a natural reaction that is fully justified. The best way to turn off a prospect is to sound like you are a salesperson. There is only one way to address this concern. Create a template that broadly outlines the conversation flow, practise this, and then start making those calls to prospects who you have researched.

But there is one other, non-negotiable ingredient that has to be included in the mix, and this is being human. Your personality, energy, confidence and expertise need to be injected into the call. And this is a subject all in itself.

The model shown here illustrates the point.

Last week's BIG meeting was via zoom. If you are interested in the recording please contact me. Next week's meeting will not be recorded, will be highly practical and if you are interested in attending this, then please contact me regarding this.

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