by Sean Foster | August 10, 2020 | Newsletter

Do you sometimes suddenly realize that you have adopted something into your life and then think:

"How did I ever live without that?".

Especially since lockdown, Zoom could be one of those experiences, and going further back in time it could be mobile phones, or even how you could light a room by flicking a switch.

I recall one of my early day mentors telling me (after taking a deep thoughtful puff on his pipe): "Good stuff sticks, create the good stuff!" (he used more colourful language.)

So here is one of those "good stuff", and here is where it could add value to your life if:

  1. You need to demonstrate something on your computer screen to someone else. Obviously, this someone else is not sitting next to you. 😊
  2. You would like to create some "how-to" or standard operating procedures for staff or employees.
  3. You would like to personalize your email, message or offer. This one is powerful.

What engages your attention more?

Reading written words or me eyeballing you and speaking directly to you?

There is a range of alternatives out there, but personally I recommend you save time on exploring and just run with one, and that is Loom.

You could be using Loom already or have experienced it, but let me walk you through an example, check it out here.

Just to make this super practical, I have brainstormed how you could use Loom to add value to how you do things.

Obviously, these don’t all apply to you: pick what suits you. And, in case you are wondering, I don’t receive any kickbacks from Loom.

  • Personalized welcome onboard message (for new customers, or new programmes you have sold).
  • Personalized introduction to you or your team. Great for sending through by email, LinkedIn etc.
  • Instructional videos for customers or staff. Could include: your next steps; your responsibilities; words of encouragement; or our process etc.
  • FAQs or frequently asked questions for your website.

Next Steps:

The learning curve is not steep using Loom and neither is the investment. You can sign up for free (maximum 25 stored videos) although the first paid level (about $15/month) will likely suit most people.

All you need to do next is to brainstorm on how Loom could add any value to your business.

Could it be to improve your relationship with your clients, or to improve your operational efficiencies?