How to Tell if You Are a Good Leader – Including a Free Self-Assessment
by Sean Foster | June 10, 2021 | Newsletter

Here are some valuable questions that will directly indicate how ready you are to lead others. 

Humans are social beings, even introverts (me included) are socially minded and would not last long on a trip to Mars without feeling isolated and lonely. Taking this on board, to what extent is your business environment truly social? I am referring to that open, comfortably vulnerable atmosphere where everyone feels safe to express their trials and tribulations.  

The challenge with most businesses is that of a “toxic work culture”. It is just a question of how toxic yours is. And before you jump to conclusions and you start defending your business, complete the self-assessment and unless your score is perfect, you have room to improve.  

I came across some work done by Dr Jim Laub, who has undertaken extensive research in discovering the characteristics of high-performance organizations. This study led him to develop the Organizational Leadership Assessment (OLA). 

As a leader, do you have what it takes to get the best out of your employees or colleagues? The following 10 questions will indicate if you are on track.  

  1. I trust my workers. 
  2. I create an environment that encourages learning and growth. 
  3. I allow my workers to help determine where our team is headed. 
  4. I am trustworthy. 
  5. I work to maintain positive working relationships. 
  6. don’t hesitate to provide the leadership that is needed. 
  7. I give my workers the power to make important decisions. 
  8. I provide the support and resources needed to help my workers meet their goals. 
  9. I am open to receiving criticism and challenge from others. 
  10. I use my power and authority to benefit my workers. 

The above questions are really a summary from what I can see in the free online assessment that you should take. But I do have a caveat: I would use these questions, as well as the assessment, as an indicator of where you should be focusing your attention in terms of leadership behaviours.  

However, for many of these questions, it is difficult to be fully introspective. My strong recommendation is that you should perform this exercise in a 360 format (‘peer review’). 

Lastly, and this is to tie back to being a social beingIt does not matter if you are an introvert or extrovert, neither does it matter if you are magnet for attracting othersor not. What matters is being an effective leader. Reflect and build on these areas in your life and you will be recognized for your leadership. 

I do hope that you find this material both beneficial and fascinating. Over the years I have come across countless articles on the need to become a better leader, but seldom do I see practical, real-life questions that directly relate to leadership in the business environment. 

As always, should you have any questions, or you find some value in this article, or you would like some specific help with improving your leadership skills, then please feel free to reach out. 


Regards Sean 

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