Expose Yourself for the Greater Good

by Sean Foster | July 08, 2021 | Newsletter

The 5 Top Reasons Why Business Owners Protect Their Employees From Knowing All

If you are implementing 90-day planning, then you would have just completed Quarter 1. What worked well, what did not work out? First to yourself and second to your team, I encourage you to expand on reflecting Q1’s performance. However, most importantly, explain the behaviour that did or did not happen resulting in these results. 

I have not found the correct descriptive words to explain what this management approach is. I loosely use the phrase: ‘Open-book management’, but this description has negative connotations to some.  

Financial literacy training in a business, at all employee levels, is a must. So too is involving everyone, so that all employees understand how the business is moving forward, what the business will look like in the future and what their individual contributions are to achieving this future.

Trumping all the above is something even more powerful: open, safe and honest communication. Patrick Lencioni in his book ‘the 5 dysfunctions of a team’ refers to this as the ‘Absense of Trust.’