Do you like to hear confessions?

by Sean Foster | July 02, 2020 | Newsletter

A year ago, despite a consistent 40% open rate on my emails I decided to take an email breather. It was good to take a break but at the expense of helping you. ☹️

So, I have re-committed to get on that horse again. I would love you to remain as a subscriber, but should you wish to opt out, that option is in the footer.  

My second realization: Just as every coin has two sides to it, so too (excuse the pun), do productivity improvements.

Yeah, I know that can be a boring subject for many, but the payoff to productivity improvements are massive. Here are the calcs:

If you can gain an improvement of just 15-minutes a day, that equates to an additional 8 days a year! 

Another way of looking at that is: lose 15-minutes a day and you lose 8 days every year!

Back to the coin, there are two areas where you will gain these improvements:

[1] systems and tools, and

[2] your discipline and mindset around productivity.


This is about improvements in your systems and tools – or the apps in your business.

Specifically, auto-text apps.

I have been using these for 2 years now. If you want to save on your typing time, or knowing where to find all the details of “things” like your bank account number then make sure you have installed one of these on your computer:

  • Text Expander - Costs about NZ$6/month. I started with Text Expander, and have stuck with it. Super easy to use, but they have some competition. Here is a short demo video I made for you.

  • Phrase Express - just in case you absolutely don't want to use the one I am using, and it costs about the same.

  • AutoTextExpanderForChrome - what’s nice about it? It’s free and relatively easy to use. Niggle is, it only works with Chrome.

There are more, but hey this is about productivity so the limit is 3 here.🙂 


So, a question for you (name): how could you gain an additional 15-minutes per day, 8 days per year?

Have you tried any of the text expanding tools?

Give me the low-down, would love to hear from you.