Being the YOU

by Sean Foster | September 16, 2021 | Newsletter

Maybe you have a bunch of noise in your life, who doesn’t 😊, so no guilt if you don’t get to read my NewsBriefs, but this one is for you.  

While in lockdown, our BIG community have been meeting at least weekly. Having a sense of community, one where we can safely share and learn from one another is invaluable. The lock down has also helped us with being able to get some amazing guest speakers such as Cath Bishop and Manie Bosman. So, combining their messages together with another amazing book I have just finished, I feel compelled to spread this message, and it really is for you. 

Quade Cooper

Quade Cooper, the Wallaby that we Kiwi’s love to hate, even though he is one of us. He has been out of the spotlight for a few years but is back! Well on Sunday I saw a new Quade, and this was before I knew the story behind his amazing transformation. 

So, I am risking it here. I thought I could type out my thoughts, but then you would have this long article to read. So I spoke it out. You can find it here, my unprepped, ready to go mind dump on the message we should all embrace. 

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