Are you putting your marketing knowledge into practice?

by Sean Foster | June 30, 2022 | Newsletter

With the information-overloaded world we live in, you would be forgiven for believing that what we do in our businesses and lives would/should have clearly given us the winning edge. But it is often not so. 

Is your businesses and you as a person, merely rising and ebbing with the tide?

l am talking to myself just as much as I am to you. If success, in whatever format that is for you, is important, then rising above the tide and not only with the tide, is what you should be striving for. How can you put your knowledge to better, more effective use?

With the gloomier economic outlook that we presently face, for many, it is essential that we reflect on getting the basic elements right and dialling up our marketing and lead generation. This last Thursday at BIG we had one of our long-standing members, Andrew Good, talk to us about advertising and lead generation. Something that Andrew is very familiar with and has the working credentials to back this up.


The big takeaway I had was the realization that I have not been putting into practice what I know. And the truth is you are probably doing the same as I am.


Two years ago I was forwarded a book: Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene M. Schwartz. 


First published in 1966 (ps. When I was 0 years old), many regard Eugene as one of the best copywriters of the 20th Century. And here is the summary punch line (in my interpretation) of the book (which is over 200 pages.)


It’s not good enough to have a great product or service to sell. You also need to meet the potential customer where they’re at, in their current frame of mind.

And this is the basis of what Andrew covered, for which, you do need to be a BIG member to fully experience and appreciate.

Over the years countless marketers have remodelled the basic principle that Eugene introduced, these being shown in the diagram shown. 


Ranging from your prospect being completely unaware of their desire or need to solve the problem, to the other extreme where they are fully aware of your product, what it does, but have just not got around to buying it from you yet.

So where do your customers lie? There is only one answer to this. They exist at all levels. So why then do we kid ourselves into believing that we should start off by advertising on a specific platform and secondly, why do we believe that this specific ad is going to deliver the results? 

Advertising is expensive if you don't get it right. Personally, I compare it to gambling. You invest the time and dollars into advertising and then cross your fingers that it will deliver. And who never loses? The Google, FaceBook etc never lose.

The parting message: Before throwing more dollars into advertising, consider the broader customer awareness road map and at what level or levels you are targeting. Then in your ad, ‘talk into’ this level and finally, determine the most effective platform to get your message across. 

This 500-word NewsBrief is not going to turn you into a marketing superhero, but should you read it carefully, it will certainly put you on the right road. I can recommend Eugene’s book, it is very insightful but makes for tough reading. Possibly the fastest route to your business improvement redemption is to become a BIG member, that way you will hear directly from experienced people like Andrew.

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