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How would your career or business be transformed if you could become a Master salesperson? I work with business professionals by helping them gain clarity over both their sales mindset and processes so that they can deliver the results required. Although short sales courses are helpful for finetuning skills and improving your motivation, they often lack in lasting or transformational results. What I provide will result in lasting change. Here is a taste for what you could achieve as well.

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Sales Development Program (SDP)

Few people that are needing to perform a sales function for their business or employment would consider themselves "natural salespeople." Yet, they need to deliver the results and to remain energized.

Target Audience: Frontline salespeople, business owners who need to sell their product and/or services, self-employed professionals who need to market and sell their professional services.

The programme covers the four key areas of professional sales development:
  • Determine the fit for the type of sales function that best matches you
  • Match your existing sales competencies to that of your mindset
  • Become self aware of your blindspots and areas of natural strength in a sales role
  • Develop a Consultative Sales Process (CSP) in order to convert more prospect


CSP - Consultive Sales Process

Consultative Sales Process 

Broadly speaking there are two types of sales transactions. [1] a consumer simply buys a product without the need for any additional human input, and [2] A lengthier transcation process where the prospect needs to consult with the seller. A consultative sales process is required for the second option and this is what we provide. Unless you have a CSP, you will find that the sales process is undertaken in a more ad hoc, try-and-try method. The old ways do work, but they are expensive; results are slow; learnings are not benefited from and efficiencies are low. When conducting a sales interview, you the salesperson are in control, but it is still a negotiating exercise. In order for you to be an expert negotiator you need to be fully present, self-aware and in tune with both the behaviours of you and that of your prospect. So is this programme for you?   If you have a need and a hunger for improving your sales results then 100% this programme will benefit you. If you are needing to employee a sales person, you could rely on the traditional external measures: rely on your "gut feel", the impressive resume, the testimonials, but what does it look like on the inside?

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