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How would your career or business be transformed if you could master your sales process? I work with business professionals by helping them gain clarity over their sales. I provide sales training and work on how to develop a consultative sales process (CSP) that delivers results.

Although short sales courses are helpful for finetuning skills and improving your motivation, they often lack in lasting or transformational results. What I provide will result in lasting change.

Here is a taste for what you could achieve as well.

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Sales System Development Program

Our sales training programme delivers a systematic sales process that has been proven to increase sales for frontline salespeople and business owners.

Target Audience: Frontline salespeople, business owners who need to sell their product and/or services, self-employed professionals who need to market and sell their professional services.

The programme covers the five key areas of professional selling:

  • Goal setting and planning
  • Time management
  • Prospecting for business growth
  • Presentations
  • Sales planning


Our Sales Courses Work To Your Time Frame

This programme can be run over either

  • 4 x 4-hour workshops run over 4 days or 4 weeks
  • or 8 x 2-hour workshops.

We work with you in-house and to your schedule.

Prior to commencing the training, each participant will complete a training outcomes form to establish key areas to be focused on and specific outcomes to be achieved during the course of the programme.

At the outset of the programme, each participant develops a personal sales goal to be achieved by the completion of the programme with a measurable outcome giving a return on investment for the training costs for them.

Customised Sales Tools

All the tools contained within the programme are customised to the individual’s personal style whether it is

  • phone guides for making appointments
  • or the key questions they will use in a presentation.

The tools are also customised to the particular product or service that the participating company sells.

Post Training Follow-Up And Accountability

A challenge for many sales managers and business owners investing in training is how to measure the long-term results of the training.

Programme participants are given assignments on completion of the course which need to be achieved within three months. These assignments reinforce the key skills and techniques which have been gained through the programme.

Assignments are reviewed throughout the 3-month period with the participant and his/her manager.

A mentoring pack is supplied to the sales manager / business owner on completion of the programme to ensure ongoing personal development of the individual participants.

For Sales Managers

We encourage the sales managers to participate in the sales training programmes. By doing so, they will gain a full understanding of all the tools and systems the members of their sales teams will be using.

Another major advantage of their participation is that they gain a full insight as to how their team members think and approach their sales.

Are you ready to master your sales process and results? We don’t have a “buy-now” button for our Sales Development Programme, because we need to first understand from you what you are wanting to achieve out of your current sales activity, and where you would like to excel. We gather this information through an obligation-free, no-cost consultation, so if you are ready


CSP – Consultive Sales Process

Consultative Sales Process Training

A consultative sales process is needed for all companies. Unless you have one, you will find that the sales process is undertaken in a more ad hoc, try-and-try method. The old ways do work, but they are expensive; results are slow; learnings are not benefited from and efficiencies are low. What I provide is a coaching and training service that allows you to develop a formal, 5-quadrant system that ensures there is absolute clarity within your business on how your consultative sales process should operate.

Is this for you? If you are the sole operator in your business, then a CSP is required. If you are a business owner or a sales manager, then the stakes are even higher. A loss in your sale’s efficiency will cost you many tens of thousands of dollars. I will work with you to develop your personalised CSP. This methodology is highly effective, as you will take complete ownership of the process which ensures that you fully understand the steps and are committed to its outcome.

Ready to master your selling skills? Looking for a sales process that has been proven to increase sales? We offer sales training NZ wide that results in lasting change.

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